How to sign up | login to Concordia University portal

Concordia University portal
Concordia University portal


How to sign up | login to Concordia University portal-kindly visit to access your account, if you have some troubles signing up or logging into the account.

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In this post, we have carefully outlined comprehensive steps to assist and show you how to sign up | login to Concordia University portal, with ease and save you the stress of wasting cellular data on the internet.


Concordia University, which is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada is a public research university which has been into existence since 1974, which is about 45 years ago. The lingua franca in the university is English, and it is the only university in Canada that has the largest enrollment of about 86,215 students annually.


How to sign up | login to Concordia University portal

To sign up or login to your account is very simple, you follow the guideline provided in this post correctly, also you should make you need to be verified that you are a student

Before you start this process of creating your account or login into your already existing account, make sure your browser of choice is Google Chrome or Firefox, and nothing more.


signing up for Concordia University portal

  • Firstly, open the web page of  the school
  • Then click on create your Concordia account

⇒generate your password, add phone number save changes

Note: you must make sure your password contains 0-9 numbers, A-Z upper case laters and symbols

  • After you are done setting up your password, the process is not complete yet, you will have to wait for about 24-48 hours, to receive an email which will contain your username and instructions on how to log in.
  • Then when you have received the email, complete the final step by entering your password and username contained in the email sent to you.


Logging in to the portal

  • visit the web page or enter on your browser
  • Then carefully enter your username and password and confirm you entered it correctly
  • Click on login to access your  Concordia account


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