Churchill Scholarship 2019- 2020 For US Students

Churchill Scholarship
Churchill Scholarship

Applications are invited for suitably qualified students to apply for Churchill Scholarship 2019. The Churchill Scholarship is awarded by the Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States to graduates of the more than one hundred colleges and universities invited to participate in the Churchill Scholarship Program, for the pursuit of research and study in the physical and natural sciences, mathematics, engineering

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship is worth between $50,000 and $60,000 depending on the exchange rate, covering all university and college fees (i.e., tuition, currently about $25,000) at the University of Cambridge, a living allowance, visa fees, up to $1,500 for travel between the United States and the United Kingdom, and the possibility of an additional $2,000 Special Research Grant.

Eligibility/Requirements of Churchill Scholarship

To be eligible for the scholarship applicants must be;

  • A U.S. citizen
  • A senior enrolled at one of the institutions participating in the scholarship program or have graduated within the past year
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent, and may not have attained a doctorate

Criteria for selection;

Applicants are chosen depending on;

  • Outstanding academic achievement, especially in the chosen major
  • Proven capacity for original, creative research as demonstrated by awards and letters of reference
  • Outstanding personal qualities outside of academic pursuits

How to Apply for Churchill Scholarship

follow the application guideline below to apply for the scholarship;

  • Online Churchill application
  • 1,000-word personal statement
  • 500-word academic proposal
  • Four (4) letters of recommendation
  • Official Transcripts
  • GRE general test scores.

Note: GRE scores are not required by the Princeton deadline, but will be required if you are nominated (This means, you will need GRE scores by late December).

Application Deadline:

Scholarship link

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