Asu Obama Scholarship Program

Asu Obama Scholarship
Asu Obama Scholarship

Applications are available for suitably qualified students to apply for Asu Obama Scholarship. President Barack Obama represents outstanding academic achievement, thoughtfulness, a long record of service to others, inspired leadership and a commitment to building strong communities across this country.


Asu Obama Scholarship.
Asu Obama Scholarship.


However, in Arizona, we have many motivated, high-achieving students. For some of them, a lack of family resources has been a barrier to higher education. Meanwhile with the right support, these students can be successful, build better communities and create positive change. Arizona State University is committed to providing these opportunities.


Eligibility/Requirements For Asu Obama Scholarship

To be eligible for the Asu Obama Scholarship applicants must meet the following requirements;

  • Open to Arizona residents, admitted to ASU in the fall and who are degree-seeking, full-time freshmen (pursuing a first undergraduate degree). This includes Native American high school seniors who are not residing in Arizona who meet the Arizona residency criteria for tuition purposes at ASU.
  • Admission to the university does not guarantee eligibility for the program. You must meet all course competencies and at least one of the aptitude requirements for admission described on the Freshman Admission Requirements.
  • You must also enroll in ASU at the beginning of the fall semester immediately after Arizona high school graduation. If you do not enroll at ASU for the fall, you will forfeit eligibility for any future participation in this program.
  • You must also demonstrate a total annual family income of $42,400 or less on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Obama Scholars Program will be closed for the year when program funds have been exhausted.
  • You must also be eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant.
  • ASU Online degree programs are not eligible. If you change your major to an ASU Online major, you will be automatically removed from the Obama Scholars Program and adjustments will be made to your awards.


How to Apply

There is no additional application for this program. Students who submit their FAFSA and have a complete ASU admissions application may automatically be considered for the scholarship program. The links for submission are:


ASU admissions link:


Scholarship Benefits

  • Combining gift aid ( Pell Grants, SEOG, University Grants, LEAP, and scholarships) from federal, state, private, also institutional sources with Federal Work-Study.  Also, ASU will cover students’ estimated costs of attending ASU (minus the Expected Family Contribution as determined by the FAFSA) up to eight full-time, consecutive fall and spring semesters.
  • Estimated direct costs include actual tuition and mandatory fees as standardized allowances for the room, board and books/supplies.
  • Special class fees, study abroad program fees, academic program fees or summer tuition/fees will not be covered as part of the program.
  • You may also choose to spend one semester in an ASU-sponsored study abroad program, only after completion of your first year in the Obama Scholars Program.
  • Your funding may continue to be based on ASU cost of attendance and may not cover any study abroad program fees.
  • Arizona State University may award recipients a combination of the following sources of aid. Repayment not Required.
  • Pell Grants—this federal gift assistance program supports students who have exceptional need.
  • Institutional Grants—ASU gift assistance available to undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need.
  • FSEOG and LEAP Grants—gift assistance available to undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need.
  • Federal Work-Study—a student employment program which allows students to earn funds to assist in paying their educational costs. Participants in the Obama Scholars Program are automatically awarded $2,500 in federal work-study.
  • Scholarships—  Also gift assistance awarded by ASU and private donors that recognize exceptional achievement.
    Outside Resources—funding received from outside sources that assist students in paying for their educational expenses.


Application Deadline: Students must submit their FAFSA before the following dates;

  • Jan. 1 – Students must submit their FAFSA and have a complete ASU admissions application on file.
  • July 1 – Students must submit all requested documents for financial aid verification. This deadline applies to both incoming freshmen and current participants of both programs.


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